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What is Stargate-Resurgence?

Resurgence is a writers' resource for Stargate fan fiction as well as just any Stargate afficionados that focuses on the SG-Teams and canon information available about them.

Where is ...?

I'm moving this site's content around a little. If you're looking for the SG-Team Story Archive or for the Automated SG-1 Mary Sue Litmus Test, those pages haven't been moved here yet. Click these links to see the old versions for now.


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Recent Changes

The Forgotten of Naunet is here!
Folks, I just uploaded the story I've been labouring on for years to this web site. It started out as "Stargate Resurgence: Labyrinth of the Forgotten" (hence the name of this site), including SG-1, but eventually turned into the quite different The Forgotten of Naunet with The Prophet's SG-7 as the protagonists.
Read More...2006-11-18 @222
Heroes and Corrections
Added facts from Season 7's Heroes, Part I (SG-13). Fixed some goofs and corrected some misinformation.
Read More...2004-02-22 @500
More teams and Alpha Site
Added facts from Season 7's Death Knell. This includes the new SG teams 18-21 and an entry on the Alpha Site(s).
Read More...2003-11-10 @550


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