Index: /moose/extra_animations/

[tiff File]base.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-ahead.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-blink1.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-blink2.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-blink3.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-e.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-n.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-ne.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-nw.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-s.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-se.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-sw.tiff
[tiff File]eyes-w.tiff
[txt File]info.txt
[tiff File]mouth-0.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-1.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-10.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-11.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-12.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-13.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-14.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-15.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-16.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-17.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-18.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-19.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-2.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-20.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-21.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-22.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-23.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-24.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-25.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-26.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-27.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-28.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-29.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-3.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-30.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-31.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-32.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-33.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-34.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-35.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-36.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-37.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-38.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-39.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-4.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-40.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-41.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-5.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-6.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-7.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-8.tiff
[tiff File]mouth-9.tiff

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