File: programming/cocoa/

/* =============================================================================
    PROJECT:    Filie
    FILE:       UKFileInfoMixedValueIndicator.h
    COPYRIGHT:  (c) 2004 by M. Uli Kusterer, all rights reserved.
    AUTHORS:    M. Uli Kusterer - UK
        2004-12-09  UK  Created.
   ========================================================================== */
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
//  Headers:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
//  Classes:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
/* [UKFileInfoMixedValueIndicator indicator] returns a shared placeholder object
    (like [NSNull null]) that you can put in a collection to indicate a "mixed"
    value, i.e. a value that differs between the selected items. This also adds
    a method on NSObject, isDifferentAcrossSelectedItems, which can thus be used
    to query any item in a collection to find out whether it is a real value,
    or mixed.
    Use the indicatorWithString: and indicatorWithInt: methods if you want to
    provide some default values that inspectors can display. E.g. if this is
    a value that is used as the state for a check box, you may want to use
    indicatorWithInt: NSMixedState to indicate the state in the inspector
    without having to specially account for mixed values.
    Similarly, you could provide a string such as @"<multiple items selected>"
    to be displayed in a file name text field. */// Always returns YES.
// Change placeholder value:
// Always returns NO.

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