File: programming/cocoa/

//  GlkWindowStream.m
//  CocoaGlk
//  Created by Andrew Hunter on Thu Jun 12 2003.
//  Copyright (c) 2003 Andrew Hunter. All rights reserved.
#import "GlkWindowStream.h"
#import "GlkWindowView.h"
// Do nothing
// Send the text to the window
"Attempt to send data to a wintype_Pair window (assuming you meant to send to the key window)"// Do nothing
"Stream behaviour not defined for window of type %i (data %@)"// If there's nothing waiting, return -1
// Return the first waiting character (255 if out of the latin-1 character set)
'\n'// Delete the relevent characters from the pending input
    // Done
"getBuffer not implemented for window streams\n"

This code uses the PclZip Zip File reading code, which is subject to the GNU LGPL. It also uses the GeSHi syntax highlighter, subject to the GPL. Ask if you want this for your own web site, it's free.