File: programming/cocoa/

#ifndef _GI_DISPA_H
#define _GI_DISPA_H
/* gi_dispa.h: Header file for dispatch layer of Glk API, version 0.6.1.
    Designed by Andrew Plotkin <>
    This file is copyright 1998-2000 by Andrew Plotkin. You may copy,
    distribute, and incorporate it into your own programs, by any means
    and under any conditions, as long as you do not modify it. You may
    also modify this file, incorporate it into your own programs,
    and distribute the modified version, as long as you retain a notice
    in your program or documentation which mentions my name and the URL
    shown above.
/* These constants define the classes of opaque objects. It's a bit ugly
    to put them in this header file, since more classes may be added in
    the future. But if you find yourself stuck with an obsolete version
    of this file, adding new class definitions will be easy enough -- 
    they will be numbered sequentially, and the numeric constants can be 
    found in the Glk specification. */
#define gidisp_Class_Window (0)
#define gidisp_Class_Stream (1)
#define gidisp_Class_Fileref (2)
#define gidisp_Class_Schannel (3)
/* Iu *//* Is *//* Qa, Qb, Qc... *//* Cu *//* Cs *//* Cn *//* S *//* all # arguments */
    glui32 ptrflag; /* [ ... ] or *? */
} gluniversal_t;
/* Some well-known structures:
    event_t : [4IuQwIuIu]
    stream_result_t : [2IuIu] 
*//* The following functions are part of the Glk library itself, not the dispatch
    layer (whose code is in gi_dispa.c). These functions are necessarily
    implemented in platform-dependent code. 
*//* The following functions make up the Glk dispatch layer. Although they are
    distributed as part of each Glk library (linked into the library file),
    their code is in gi_dispa.c, which is platform-independent and identical
    in every Glk library. 
*/#endif /* _GI_DISPA_H */

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