File: programming/cocoa/

//  UKFeedbackProvider.m
//  NiftyFeatures
//  Created by Uli Kusterer on Mon Nov 24 2003.
//  Copyright (c) 2003 M. Uli Kusterer. All rights reserved.
#import "UKFeedbackProvider.h"
#import <Message/NSMailDelivery.h>
// Release all top-level objects from our NIB:
"UKFeedbackProvider""FEEDBACK_SUBJECT_PREFIX", @"Prefix to use in front of subject so you can filter by it.""FEEDBACK_EMAIL", @"E-Mail address user's feedack should be sent to.""Couldn't send message", @"FEEDBACK_ERROR_TITLE""OK",@"FEEDBACK_ERRORR_BUTTON""An error occurred while trying to send off your bug report, try using your e-mail client instead.", @"FEEDBACK_ERROR_MESSAGE"""// This URL may be a "" URL as well:
"FEEDBACK_URL", @"URL where the user can provide feedback."

This code uses the PclZip Zip File reading code, which is subject to the GNU LGPL. It also uses the GeSHi syntax highlighter, subject to the GPL. Ask if you want this for your own web site, it's free.