File: programming/cocoa/

//  UKGraphics.h
//  Shovel
//  Created by Uli Kusterer on Thu Mar 25 2004.
//  Copyright (c) 2004 M. Uli Kusterer. All rights reserved.
#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
// Set this to 0 (using the -D flag in xCode's compiler settings) to remove
//  any possible dependencies on Carbon.framework from this code.
//  If this is 1 and you're running 10.3 or later, this will use the Carbon
//  HITheme APIs to draw its stuff, where possible.
// Version of NSDrawWhiteBezel() that looks Aqua-ish:
//	This is modeled after NSTextView, not any other bezels.
// Version of UKDrawWhiteBezel that optionally draws a "accepting drop" highlight for drag'n drop:
// Version of UKDrawDropHighlightedWhiteBezel that optionally draws the bezel "deeper", like NSTextFields are:
// Draw an image well:

This code uses the PclZip Zip File reading code, which is subject to the GNU LGPL. It also uses the GeSHi syntax highlighter, subject to the GPL. Ask if you want this for your own web site, it's free.