File: programming/cocoa/

/* =============================================================================
	POJECT:		UKProgressPanel
	FILE:		ProgressAppDelegate.m
	AUTHORS:	M. Uli Kusterer (UK), (c) 2003, all rights reserved.
   ========================================================================== */
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
//	Headers:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#import "ProgressAppDelegate.h"
#import "UKProgressPanelTask.h"
#include <unistd.h>
// This action is called by our "test" button:
// The following three actions are called in separate threads:
// Threads need one of these.
// Just some vars so we can fake a lengthy operation
	UKProgressPanelTask*		task = [UKProgressPanelTask newProgressPanelTask];	// Create a progress bar etc. in our progress panel, showing and creating a panel if necessary.
	// Set up the progress bar and title/status message to be shown for this task:
	[task setIndeterminate: YES];										// By default, you get a determinate scrollbar, but we want barber-pole style.
	[task setTitle: @"Inviting folks to the party"];					// Title should describe the action the user triggered, so she knows what progress bar belongs to what operation.
	[task setStatus: @"The Witnesses of TeachText are everywhere..."];	// Status is the display that changes and gives some more information than the progress bar would.
// Loop until we have xmax iterations or the user clicked the "Stop" button.
// Keep the progress bar spinning.
		usleep(500);			// short delay so user can see the tasks in the task panel. Otherwise this loop would be over before the user even notices.
	[task release];		// Remove the progress bar, status fields etc. from the progress panel, we're finished!
	[pool release];		// Kill everything in the pool.
// doFirstProgressThing: documents most of this already.
// Set the maximum value of the scroll bar.
	[task setTitle: @"Inventing my own programming language"];
	[task setStatus: @"Not much to do here."// Change the value of the progress bar to indicate our progress.
"Learning to play the piano""Key %d.", x]];	// Just to show you that you can also display some more detailed status info.

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