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Webpagina Interrupta

In recent weeks, I've occasionally come across articles at E-Week. E-Week has a very innovative way of presenting advertisements for other articles on similar topics: They simply insert a link to another article every other parapgraph.

This is really annoying. It interrupts my flow of reading in mid-article with vaguely related big blue text. On the other hand, once I've read the article, the link is scrolled out of view. This is simply stupid: In the middle of an article, at the point in time where I'm least likely to go somewhere else, they start a Monty Pythonesque SPAM song. And at the point in time where I'm most likely to be interested in similar articles, when I've read the article, they're nowhere to be found.

IMHO this is an example of annoying marketing that drives customers away instead of getting you more of them. So, please, when you design your web page, take into account the typical reading order of your visitors, and incorporate that into your design.

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