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Mac Mini rebuttal

I'm not even going to mention the word "review" in concert with this "article". Oh wait-- dang.

Well, anyway, I haven't laughed this good in ages... that guy is so clueless that he tries a Windows Office CD in his Mac, complains that IE was hidden, uses Microsoft's MSN website as the measure of how good Safari's web rendering is, and is surprised that Outlook doesn't exist for the Mac (MS calls the Mac version Entourage, dork!).

If all the trash this guy talks in this article manifested physically, the Manhattan Landfill from I, Robot would retroactively manifest in 1950...

After a second read, I'm fairly sure that the article is not just a clueless troll, but rather was attempting a parody. And since I forgot to credit the original source of this article (shame on me), I can't really discredit them now.

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